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Nov 13 2008

David Boyuk: A Local Athlete Ruined by Steroids

athlete ruined by steroidsThe usual stories that are being published on online magazines, especially on online news websites, concerning steroids use are mostly all about professional athletes. Why not? They are prominent and their stories would surely sell. Unfortunately, many student athletes are being ignored, local athletes for instance. Hence, they were not given the necessary warning before taking steroids., an online news source featured a story about an ordinary athlete who was involved in steroid use. It was also featured in a local news source from Oklahoma City. The story is about David Boyuk, an athlete who started from the football field to the wrestling mat. During college, Boyuk enjoyed the physical success brought by steroids according to the story. And then eventually, he experienced the downfall.

In 1990s, Boyuk was regarded to be a high school sports standout at Indian Creek High School. He said, “I wrestled, I ran track, and in my senior year I was a cheerleader.” Until finally, athletics took Boyuk to Columbia University as a wrestling scholar; however, he said that the competition he needs to face was tough. “If I wanted to win, I thought I had to take steroids,” Boyuk stated. “I couldn’t compete with someone that big and my athletic ability wasn’t good enough,” he added.After taking steroids, the weight of Boyuk increased from 195 lbs to 240 lbs.“Vanity kicks in. I feel bigger, I’m stronger, I feel great, I look better,” he exclaimed. “You’re able to mold your body into exactly what you want and that sold me.” Unfortunately, his grade started to drop until he lost his wrestling scholarship and went back to Ohio Valley. Packed with him to his homecoming is his addiction to steroids. His situation was worsened when he began making and trading steroids, which caused him to get in prison for illegal administration of anabolic steroids in the year 2006.

Boyuk said that at the time he was asking himself what he has done to his life. “I threw away a prime opportunity at a prime university for what? So I can live a lifestyle that’s going to kill me later. Athletics were my life,” Boyuk said. Now, Boyuk shared his story to serve as a lesson to other local athletes. Apparently, the story of professional athletes somehow remains different to these ordinary athletes indeed. And the story of Boyuk is expected to create a greater impact to numbers of local athletes. Boyuk said that it’s not worth it; absolutely, 100 percent not worth it.Meanwhile, Dr. Mike Scarpone explained that steroid use does not only happen to students in college. “It can be a big problem and it is in the high schools.”Boyuk further detailed the critical experiences he had by using steroid, which was explained by Scorpone to be the physical signs of steroids. “I pushed the doors through the frames, and threw them down the stairs once,” Boyuk shared.

Scarpone explained that the use of steroids can certainly cause mood swings. And at times, people who are under steroids can act crazily like a psychotic. This time, Boyuk is already clean according to NEWS9. Local coaches in Brooke High School also tell NEWS9 their resistance to steroids use.

Lastly, Boyuk gave a final statement addressing all local athletes. “It’s a road you don’t want to go down.”

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