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Jan 21 2009

Anabolic Steroids and Alcohol a Bad Mix

steroids and beer Drugs and alcohol are usually a bad mix, whether prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs or illegal drugs. The same is true for steroids and alcohol. Alcohol is processed in the body the same way that drugs or medications are processed in the body. Both travel in the bloodstream. When you take medicine, your doctor (or an indication in the leaflet) will usually tell you not to drink alcohol during the period of medication because alcohol will have an effect on the body’s absorption of the medicine. Sometimes, the combination can have adverse effects.

Alcohol increases risk of side effects:

When taken, injected anabolic steroids travel in the bloodstream before being broken down in the liver by enzymes and subsequently eliminated in the urine. Alcohol is also processed in the body this way and thus they can compete with the steroids for the same enzymes. This means that the steroids can be halted and stay in the body longer than necessary. As a result, while it could strengthen the steroid’s action, it also increases the risk of side-effects. Alcohol also breaks down solids, compounds and tissues in the body which could easily transform the testosterone molecule of the anabolic steroids into estrogen. The estrogen aromatizes quickly in the system and increases the risks of unwanted side effects in steroid use. Some of these feared side-effects include gynomastia (increased breast size in men), violent mood swings, and shrunken testicles among others.

Alcohol can further tax the liver:

There is also an increased risk for those who take oral anabolic steroids and mix it with alcohol. Oral anabolic steroids are activated in its first pass through the human liver and are then filtered through the blood stream (it takes longer to take effect) and then nourish the muscle tissues. Oral anabolic steroids can be very stressful to the liver because it is harder to break down. Metabolizing oral steroids is equivalent to metabolizing six packs of light beer. If you intake oral steroids every day and drink alcohol on top of that, you are taxing and seriously putting your liver in danger. While injectable steroids are less dangerous because they do not pass through the liver, mixing alcohol with it is still not recommended because of the risks mentioned above.

Toxicity and health hazard:

When you’re on steroids, the idea is to be fit, strong and healthy so drinking alcohol simply defeats the purpose of taking steroids in the first place. Just don’t drink alcohol when you are on steroids! That shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re addicted to alcohol. Alcohol reduces protein synthesis making steroid-use counter-productive. All your efforts will go for naught as you’ll have a harder time bulking up. It can even set you back on your goals and progress because it adds useless carbohydrates and give you an unsightly belly. Alcohol also makes you sluggish and it can seriously ruin your momentum. If you are serious about bodybuilding and risk taking steroids just to achieve your goal, then there’s no reason why abstaining from alcohol during cycles can’t be done.

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