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Jan 10 2010

The Reason Behind Steroid Use in Pro-Wrestling

Published by at 7:19 pm under Steroids in Sports

The reasons why pro-wrestlers use anabolic steroids People usually associate steroids to professional wrestling. It is a common notion that wrestlers having big muscles and physique are using steroids. There are already several professional wrestlers who died because of the possible direct or indirect effects of taking steroids. The WWE, on the other hand, belies that the deaths of most wrestlers were due to anabolic steroids. The Wellness Policy of the WWE has already caught a few and imposed sanctions on those wrestlers. But many critics say that the policy is a failure because they believe that the actual number of steroid user in the sport is huge.

With the endless debate on whether the WWE should scrap the anti-doping policy or intensify its crackdown against the use of performance enhancers, let us discuss some of the reasons why wrestlers depend on steroids. Joe Burgett of has a good discussion on this issue. He pointed out why pro-wrestling can’t get out of steroid controversies. “We have seen it as a land of giants for so long, and all young wrestlers want to make sure they are huge individuals so they can possibly fit into the WWE one day.” Burgett observed that wrestling is slowly evolving. “If you look at wrestling today, it’s not the era of giants as much anymore. We are seeing a ton of regular sized guys or smaller ones have success,” he said.

Wrestlers are now more concerned on how they will perform inside the ring and not on how big they should be. “So this may be the time that we start seeing more Independent guys worry about how good they are in the ring and not so much about how big they are. But now, we are starting to see many promotions promote the little guy or the average sized guy,” Burgett said. He also mentioned some of the WWE stars who performed well for the fans like Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles.

Burgett said that anabolic steroids use in professional wrestling will be hard to eliminate since most wrestlers need this drug for medical reasons. The nature of their job is one of the reasons why they opted to take drugs which can help them to be always 100 percent fit the entire year. Most of their concern is on how to address pain and recover from injuries. “It’s not that they were trying to use them to get bigger, but that they used them to heal and get back faster,” said Burgett. Batista and Triple H were reported using anabolic steroids but it was advised by their doctor to treat their injuries. Steroids are commonly used by doctors to speed up recovery from injury or surgery. It only becomes a problem when wrestlers abuse this drug. “The issue is that many abuse them, and that is when things go wrong. However, the best thing to take pain away is not pain killers at all, but steroids,” said in his article.

It will be a good thing if wrestling fans will accept the changes in the WWE where fighters will not win because of their bulky muscles but because they are really good in what they do. “Instead of seeing the huge muscled up freak of a man, they will see regular people who are incredible wrestlers,” he said. Burgett also added that this will make it where steroids would mainly be used for medical use and not so much to get huge like it was before. “Once people realize they don’t have to be on steroids to do well in wrestling, the better.”

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