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May 25 2010

Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao Agreed on Olympic Style Blood Testing

Published by at 9:10 pm under Boxing and Steroids

Manny Pacquaio agreed on 14 day blood testing for steroids The most awaited fight of the century should now push through since the boxer of the decade Manny Pacquiao agreed to an Olympic style blood testing. After winning a congressional seat in the recently concluded election in the Philippines, Pacquaio told the media that giving out blood samples 14 days before the fight is okay with him. This is also the demand of the Mayweather camp during their first stalled negotiations.

It was also reported that boxing promoter Bob Arum is spearheading the negotiations between the two camps to make this event happen. Blood testing for steroids should not be a major issue anymore for Mayweather-Pacquaio fight unless Floyd Mayweather Jr. will make new demands and avoid fighting Pacquiao in the ring. And this is not far from happening.

After a convincing win over Shane Mosley, Mayweather already change his position. The former pound for pound king wants Manny Pacquiao to undergo random drug testing all the way. This would mean that anti-doping authorities could test Pacquaio anytime and even a day before the fight. If Pacquiao will not accept his terms, then the mega fight will not happen.

Cleaning the sport with steroids and performance enhancing drugs is a good thing. Although, the real intention of Floyd Mayweather is being questioned by many boxing analysts and as well as the fans. Why make so many demands and change his stance after the other fighter already agreed to his previous terms. A site also quoted Mayweather Sr. saying that he would not allow his son to fight Pacquiao because the latter would have had time to clean his system out since their last negotiations. Sports writer Kenneth Ragpala of 8countnews has this to say, “It simply cement the notion that Mayweather, former pound for pound king and undefeated in 41 fights, is truly and undeniably scared of that little punching dervish from the Philippines.”

Another possible problem for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is the percentage of money that the two fighters will receive. We are sure that the Mayweather camp will demand for a higher share. Let’s just hope that we will have good news after the negotiations.

With regards to the issue that Manny Pacquiao is on steroids, it is still something to be proven. Well, we are not defending Pacquiao on this issue but accusing a person without presenting concrete evidences will just become hearsays. If Mayweather really wants to help boxing, then he should lobby for the inclusion of Olympic style blood testing on all boxing events. He should ask the Nevada State Athletic Commission and all the other State Athletic Associations to improve and enhance their steroid testing policy. Claiming to be the champion of clean sports will just make some fans to be annoyed, though others are entertained because of so many hypes made everytime he fights in the ring.

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